Autofocus For All Blackmagic Cinema Cameras!

John Brawley posted few photos in his Twitter account from the new Pocket Cinema Camera software firmware. In one of the photos we can see white circle in the center of the screen and the reason for this is autofocus. The Pocket Cinema Camera has autofocus! Brawley wrote that this new function is going to 2.5K Cinema Cameras and 4K Production Camera too.

Another new feature is percentage indicator of the battery with 1% increments (not 5%). Pocket Cinema Camera works with 4/3 lenses too.



2 thoughts on “Autofocus For All Blackmagic Cinema Cameras!

    • I know what will not be included:
      “Animated menus that would do things like VU meters, histos, false colour etc and even, deeper menus (in terms of pages) are quite difficult to do.”

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