BMPCC with Sigma 18-35mm and Speed Booster by EOSHD

“The ultimate Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera lens – Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 with Speed Booster” – This is the conclusion of Andrew from

The optics are state of the art and never for so little money in such a small camera has the end result been so close to film. Having the zoom is very useful on the Pocket camera. You can just stand there and grab the shot with a minimum of fuss and think about stabilising the shots digitally in Adobe Premiere. The 18mm end gives you a very versatile wide-ish focal length and the 35mm end gives you more separation between subject and background, great for portrait shots and close-ups. Macro performance is extremely impressive as is the feel of flare and bokeh on this lens.

The camera is fantastic in low light with the Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 and Speed Booster. You can comfortably shoot at ISO 1600 with very minimal noise, just a nice film like grain. The ProRes has a nice texture to it. Only if you push under exposed areas of a shot too much does fixed pattern noise rear its head.

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