BMPC 4K & BMPCC shipping information from Blackmagic’s LA event (+photos)

Blackmagic are holding an event in LA and few forum members from are reporting information about the Pocket Cinema and Production 4K cameras. BMPCC Ryan Brown: From what I got out of it, and how I was reading the guy, it sounds to me like the pocket camera is pretty much finished and will […]

Pocket Cinema Camera for August and Production Camera 4K for September?

Blackmagic said that they will ship the Pocket Cinema Camera and Production Camera 4K in the end of July, but will this happen? Henry Posner, Director of Corporate Communications in B&H Photo-Video, tweeted “Not certain but hopeful the Pocket Cinema Camera here 2nd week of Aug & 4K Camera here 1st wk of Sept.” The […]

Autofocus For All Blackmagic Cinema Cameras!

John Brawley posted few photos in his Twitter account from the new Pocket Cinema Camera software firmware. In one of the photos we can see white circle in the center of the screen and the reason for this is autofocus. The Pocket Cinema Camera has autofocus! Brawley wrote that this new function is going to 2.5K […]

Pocket Cinema Camera and 4K Production Camera Will Ship in July (Video)

Richard Lim of Blackmagic Design talks about progress of his company’s Pocket Cinema Camera and 4K Production Camera. Everything is going smooth and the cameras will ship on time. There is even mention that the Pocket camera should ship with RAW CinemaDNG. More information: NoFilmSchool