Digital Bolex Test Footage – Portraits

Portraits from Digital Bolex D16 camera with newly calibrated sensor. The calibration on the camera is now spot on! The DNG files are exactly where we expected them to be exposure wise. And the colors were beautiful with no correction at all! All in all the test was a success. Source

Digital Bolex Test Footage At Night

A night time test with the D16 and cinematographer Kathryn Brillhart on Hollywood Blvd. and the LA Metro. Shot with the Digital Bolex test model “Thor” (July 3). This footage was all shot at 400 ISO on a 25mm vintage lens and transcoded in ClipHouse. The D16 isn’t intended to be a low light camera, […]

Sample Video From KineRAW mini Camera

Sample video from the KineRAW mini camera by Johnnie Behiri – a freelance documentary cameraman/editor/producer working mostly for the BBC and co-owner of The Chinese company Kinefinity currently has 2 camera models: The new KineRAW mini shares the same sensor with the bigger KineRAW S35. The mini is shipping now and available for pre-order […]

Sony Announces a 4K Video Camera For Prosumers

The Sony FDR-AX1 Digital 4K Video Camera Recorder is the first consumer 4K video camera from Sony. They’ve used the technology developed for their professional video cameras to create a compact, easy-to-operate 4K consumer model that’s designed to make 4K video and professional-quality audio available to the masses. The FDR-AX1′s powerful image processor is identical to the […]

Sony Unveils New Professional 4K Camcorder

Sony is expanding its line of professional 4K technologies with the new PXW-Z100 4K handheld XDCAM camcorder. The new model broadens professional 4K capabilities to markets and applications beyond motion picture or high-end TV production – including houses of worship, education, corporate, and live events. The camcorder’s affordable price of less than $6,500 gives professionals […]