Jim Jannard steps down from RED

The founder of RED Digital Cinema, Jim Jannard, has announced he’ll be stepping down as the face and spokesman of RED Cinema. Jarred Land, the company’s president, will become the new face of RED. Jannard announced the leadership change in a post at Reduser forum. In 2005, I could see that the powers that be […]

First RAW Footage From Digital Bolex D16

Elle and Joe of Digital Bolex project posted first 24fps RAW footage from the D16 camera. The footage is very short, 144 frames but it’s clear that the finalized version of the Digital Bolex is almost ready. Download RAW CinemaDNG files.

First footage from Red Dragon 6K

Cinematographer Mark Toia has posted some stunning test footage from the much anticipated Dragon sensor at Red Epic-Mysterium-X. The specs of the new sensor include 6K resolution, clean 2000 ISO and over 15 stops of dynamic range. Though RED put on a show of upgrading Epic and Epic-X cameras with Dragon earlier this spring, the […]

First RAW sample frames from Digital Bolex D16 Camera

Joe Rubinstein have posted the first raw sample frames from the Digital Bolex D16 cinema camera. These were shot with a 15mm Elitar Soligor, 26mm Kern-Paillard Pizar AR and Canon 50mm 0.95.    The images aren’t perfect of course. The temperature is a little yellow, there is a dead pixel, and some other small issues, […]