Download: Warm Cinematic LUTs

Adrien Le Falher is explaining in his blog what is LUT and how to apply it in Resolve. A LUT, or Look Up Table, is a very small file that is basically a translation table: it will convert the colors of the original file to another set, basically. This is great because it allows you […]

Free PluralEyes 3 Audio/Video Sync Software with every Zoom Portable Recorder

Red Giant PluralEyes 3 Audio/Video Sync Software is an automatic sync program for double system sound recordings. PluralEyes imports video files and corresponding audio files captured separately on external recorders, and it syncs them up quickly by lining up their sound waveforms. The video files must accordingly contain in-camera recorded audio in order to contribute […]

DaVinci Resolve 10 Preview

Alexis Van Hurkman previews DaVinci Resolve 10 from Blackmagic Design. Taped at the June 2013 LACPUG meet. Alexis shows great round trip workflow with Final Cut Pro X but also assures us that DaVinci Resolve 10 is ready for any NLE workflow. It’s still in Beta as of this writing but shipping soon.

Resolve: The Summer Blockbuster Colour Grading Tutorial

Juan Melara shows his take on popular Summer Blockbuster (cool/warm, teal/orange) look using the powerful 2 node subtractive colour setup in DaVinci Resolve. In the tutorial I analyse the look of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and show you it’s not one single cool hue being added to the image, but actually several hues that appear […]