Top 10 New Features In DaVinci Resolve 10

DaVinci Resolve 10 is a major upgrade that includes innovative on set tools, new editing features, support for OpenFX plug-ins and more. DaVinci Resolve Lite now includes the addition of Ultra HD resolutions and additional GPU support. More information about the update: SpliceNPost, a New York post production house, has put together a comprehensive video […]

DIY Camera Car Mount

How you can build a sturdy car door camera mount? It will cost you around $20 and shouldn’t take more than 1 hour to make. With this camera rig you will be able to get moving car shots, even if you’re driving on the highway or off-road. It’s the same type of camera mount that […]

Tutorial: How to Use Warp Stabilizer

Sam from Corridor Digital goes over how to get really cinematic and dynamic camera moves without having to use equipment. He goes through what to look out for and how to shoot, with the idea of using Warp stabilizer in mind. There are several examples showcasing the different scenarios or issues you may run in […]